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On Tuesday, March l6th, the Teachers' Seminar held its last meeting for this season, thus terminating a third very successful year.

The Seminar was organized through the Board of Governors of the Memorial University College, and the Newfoundland Teachers' Association.

The first meeting was held on October 29th and took the form of a reception, tendered to the teachers by Mr. Hatcher, President of the Memorial University College, and Mrs. Hatcher. A large number were entertained, including members of the Department of Education. Mr. L.W. Shaw, General Superintendent of Education, welcomed the teachers to the Seminar and extended greetings from the Department of Education. Mr. House, Chairman of the Seminar for the previous year, and Mr. J.A. Cochrane, President of the N.T.A., also addressed those present. The Seminar met regularly during the year and on every occasion excellent speakers gave addresses on topics of great interest. All the meetings were well attended, which proved that the teachers were not lacking in enthusiasm for the work of the organization.

Sincere appreciation is extended to the following persons, well known in the educational field, who gave graciously of their time and talent to further the progress of the Seminar, by addressing its members on various occasions: Mr. L.W. Shaw, Miss Edith Manuel of Bishop Spencer College, Dr. Miller of the Department of Public Health and Welfare, Mr. Blackwood of Prince of Wales College, Dr. E.C. Powell, of the Teacher Training Department of the Memorial University College, Miss Partridge of Bishop Spencer College and Dr. Grieve, Superintendent of the Mental Hospital.

The following subjects were dealt with in a very interesting and helpful manner: Citizenship, Model Lessons in Geography for Lower Grades; Contour Maps and Weather Forecasting for Upper Graded; Health and its relation to the School; Junior English; The Teaching of Handwriting; Art and Crafts in the Lower Grades and Child Psychology. The teachers profited greatly from the lectures and went away from each session with renewed zeal and confidence. All the members are looking forward to next September when activities will, we hope, be resumed.

    The Executive of the Seminar for the past year was as follows:

    President - Miss Cherrington.

    Committee - Rev. Brother Birmingham, Mr. J.A. Cochrane, Miss Purchase, Miss C. Murray, Miss Jean White.

    Secretary - Miss Margaret Murphy.

In conclusion the teachers wish to tender their gratitude to the Board of Governors and the President of the Memorial University College, who with the executive of the Newfoundland Teachers' Association, sponsored the movement, and especially to the former for generously providing accommodation for our meetings on all occasions and assisting generally in every way possible.

(Signed) Margaret Murphy

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