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During the past few years there has been a gradual but steady increase in the number of people engaged in scientific work in St. John's. It was a natural result of this trend that, sooner or later, should come a properly organized scientific body. Last winter saw the initial effort made in this direction.

The credit for the start must go to Mr. J.A. Cochrane, Headmaster of the Prince of Wales College, Dr. H.W. Harkness of the Memorial University College and Dr. W.F. Hampton of the Fisheries Research Laboratory. These gentlemen first discussed and planned the project and, as a result of their efforts, we now have what is known tentatively as a Science Club.

The Club consists of a group of about 30 people who are engaged directly or indirectly or who are interested in scientific work in St.John's. The list of members includes members of the medical profession, chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers. The immediate object of the Club is to provide the means of bringing these scientific people into closer contact with one another to discuss topics and problems of mutual Interest.

For the present no attempt has been made at formal organization. It is preferred first to gain some knowledge and some experience of the form of organization which would be most suitable for a small diversified group such as we have here in St. John's. The only officer is Dr. Hampton who acts as Secretary and who, with the aid of a programme committee, arranges the meetings. Since the middle of January, eight meetings have been held and all have been well attended. The subjects which have been discussed and the leaders of discussion are as follows:

    Aspects of Food Investigation by Dr. N.L. Macpherson

    Some Applications of Science in the Reduction of Mortality by Dr. L. Miller

    The History of the Earth by Mr. Claude Howse

    Modern Research on Cancer by Dr. H.A. Ansley

    Triumphs of Modem Chemistry by Dr. W.F. Hampton

    Agriculture in Newfoundland by Mr. A.B. Banks

    Oceanography by Mr. F.W. Soule of the Ice Patrol Service

    Tuberculosis by Dr. Ray Bennett

At the last meeting held in May it was decided unanimously that the group continue next year and if interest continues to be maintained as keenly as it has been, we might even predict for the future, a Newfoundland Institute of Science.

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