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The first St. John's Cadet Company has just completed the second year of its existence and, I think, we have reason to be satisfied with the results. We began our meetings in September with, of course, entirely new members. Some of these had already been guides but the majority were recruits, so we concentrated on getting these recruits through the Tenderfoot Test by the end of the month that must elapse before a guide can be enrolled.

On the 24th of October, 15 recruits were enrolled by Lady Walwyn. At the end of the ceremony Lady Walwyn spoke to the Company, encouraging the cadets to prepare themselves for the work in the outports which so many of them would undertake, and saying that she hoped they would be able to bring happiness into the lives of many saddened children through the medium of guiding. We were honoured by Lady Walwyn's presence that morning and we are very grateful to her for taking the enrolment; and we shall not forget her inspiring talk.

In November, Miss McMahon came to St. John's from Canada. She is the Guide Field Secretary for Canada and was lent to us, here, by the Canadian Association. Unfortunately many of the cadets found it inconvenient to attend the meetings held for the Guiders of the town, but the Company was lucky enough to have Miss McMahon run two of our own meetings for us. It is impossible to exaggerate the help and inspiration these were. They gave us an excellent idea of how a really good Guide meeting should be run; we got a lot of very good hints on our work; and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meetings.

In March Lady Walwyn gave us our Company Colours, both the World Colours and the Union Jack. As, in the past, we had always to borrow Colours for our ceremonial occasions, it seems unnecessary to say that we were extremely pleased to get them, and are very grateful to Lady Walwyn for her generous gift. She came and presented them to us. After the presentation the Company marched on with Colours into Horseshoe Formation and Lady Walwyn made a short speech, which was followed by a message of thanks from the Company, delivered by Miss Russell, the Patrol-leader chosen as spokesman.

The Cadets, despite the many demands on their time, took the keenest interest in the work and appeared genuinely to enjoy the meetings. They have worked very hard to gain their Second Class Badge, and before they leave for home we hope that between six and ten of them will have completed the work and have won the badges. We should like to thank Miss Lodge, Associate Professor of Education, for her kindness in giving some classes in First Aid.

We also want to thank the President, Dr. Hatcher and the Professor of Education, Dr. Powell for their support and for the interest they have taken in our progress.

(Signed) C.M. Furlong, Captain
1st Cadet Company Commissioner for Training.

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