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Art Study Group

About twenty five students made up this group and attended regularly once a week. The subject chosen this year was French and Spanish Art with a few lectures on Greek, Roman and early Christian Art to serve as an introduction. It included architecture, sculpture, painting and drawing.

Note: It seems a pity that the students of the Teacher Training Department take so little advantage of the opportunity to widen their horizon in this respect.



Medieval illumination, both European and oriental.

French painting and drawing, 16th to 18th centuries, inclusive. Both of those exhibitions were fully explained by means of detailed notes under the 200 or more pictures in each. The material for the first was bought, in part, from the British Museum two or three years ago with library money, in lieu of books on art. A good deal was bought by the Honorary Curator as her own property, as has occurred at most exhibitions. She has now, however, budgeted for a sum to be allotted her and hopes in the future to buy such things for the College.

Minor Exhibitions






The etchings of Livia Kadar, the Hungarian artist. (originals) This was of particular interest, as the students contributed towards buying an etching for the College and for this reason spent much time looking at them carefully and critically.

American painting.

English painting.

Dutch painting, with particular reference to Rembrandt at the time of the film "Rembrandt".

French advertising art.

The English Countryside.

Pictures were also arranged to illustrate various lectures in History, French, Spanish, English, etc., at the request of the professors of those subjects.


The Kadar etching, bought by contributions of the students, staff and friends of the College. "The Bay" was chosen.

A beautiful set of large reproductions of modern art, the gift of the Carnegie Corporation. These are for framing.

Also from the Carnegie Corporation, an illustrated catalogue of William Blake's illustrations of Milton, as exhibited at the Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, California.

A dozen cardboard and celluloid cases for displaying pictures.

Cardboard for mounting pictures for exhibitions.

(Signed) Muriel H. Hunter
Honorary Curator of Art.

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