Take a campus tour to experience Memorial University from an inside perspective. Your guide will share their own student experiences while giving you a tour of the campus in which you might study or live. Feel free to ask them any question, curiosity is all part of the Memorial experience.

Campus Tours 

If you just want to get a closer look at what modern post-secondary education is all about, tours of our campuses, including St. John's campus, Grenfell Campus, the Marine Institute on Ridge Road and the Ocean Sciences Centre in Logy Bay, can be arranged. 


The campus is well connected by a series of tunnels and skywalks, known as the MUNnel System, which can take you from the Main Dining Hall in the east to the Education Building in the west in under 10 minutes.

Virtual Tours

Our virtual tour lets you visit the campus and the city without leaving your chair. The tour uses maps and photography to show you buildings, facilities and interesting locations and describes what you’ll find at each stop.


If you are a prospective undergraduate student interested in a tour of the St. John's campus, phone 709 864 8896, 1-866-354-8896 or e-mail


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