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Mathematics Skills Program

If a student has experienced difficulty with mathematics in high school or has been out of school for some period of time, the Mathematics Skills Program is ideal for improving mathematical skills, especially in algebra, before attempting MATH 1050, 1051, or 1090.

When a student begins this program, diagnostic tests are given and instructors prepare an individualized course of study based on the results of these tests. The diagnostic tests indicate the appropriate level at which the student should begin.

There are three textbooks for the course, all written by Rudolph A. Zimmer. At the most basic level, a student works mainly from Fundamental Mathematics, and then proceeds through Essential Mathematics and Precalculus for Technical Programs (Part I only).

It would be appropriate for a student to finish Essential Mathematics before attempting MATH 1050 and Precalculus for Technical Programs before attempting MATH 1090.

In the Mathematics Skills Program, a student experiences small classes in a tutorial setting, plus personal help from instructors is available tostudents in class. There are also computer programs and labs supervised by professional instructors to help students deal with specific mathematical weaknesses.

There is no final examination in the program. Instead, the final mark is based on tests written throughout the semester.

Calendar Description:

102F, 103F and 104F. Mathematics Skills Program. Non-credit courses intended for those students who either have a weak background in mathematics or are returning to the subject after some years. The program enables students to master mathematical operations such as those involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals, per cents, integers, exponents, linear equations, algebraic and rational expressions, formulas, graphs, systems of linear equations, basic trigonometry, exponents and radicals, and quadratics.

The Mathematics Skills Program is delivered at the Mathematics Learning Centre located at Coughlan College on the north side of the campus.

For more information on the Mathematics Skills Program, contact the Mathematics Learning Centre:

Room 1006, Coughlan College