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Program (Convocation Date)


Title of Thesis/Practicum

Al-Jararha, Mohammadkheer PhD (2011) Ou Age-structured population dynamics: Age-dependent diffusion and death rates, and their applications to the cell population
Bai, Fan M.Sc. (2011) Brunner Collocation methods for weakly singular Volterra integral equations with vanishing delays
He, Yanjing M.Sc. (2011) Loredo-Osti/Woods Test for decrease in age at diagnosis of Lynch syndrome over successive generation
Ji, Yunqi PhD (2011) Fan Analysis of longitudinal categorical and count data subject to measurement data
Nadarajah, Tharshanna M.Sc. (2011) Variyath Penalized empirical likelihood based variable selections
Reid, Gina M.Sc. (2011) Kocabiyik On application of active open-loop and closed-loop controls on a circular cylinder in the presence and absence of a free surface
Selvaratnam, Selvakkadunko M.Sc. (2011) Oyet Wavelet designs for nonparametric regression models with autocorrelated errors
Tagore, Vicky PhD (2011) Sutradhar Inferences in volatility models
Tobin, Jared MAS (2011) Cadigan/Sneddon Approximate marginal inference in models with stratum nuisance parameters, with applications to fishery data
Vasudevan, Chithran M.Sc. (2011) Variyath Some contributions to the change point problem
Wang, Lu M.Sc. (2011) Zhou Decompositions of matrices and linear transformations
Yang, Kai M.Sc. (2011) Kondratieva/Sadov Analysis of convergence for some positive oscillating series and integrals

Chen, Min

MAS (2010)


A comparison of nonlinear and nonparametric regression methods

Collins, Sean

MAS (2010)


An application of geographically weighted Poisson regression

Fang, Fang

MAS (2010)


Bayesian analysis of mixture models with application to genetic linkage

Hu, Rui

PhD (2010)


Stability and bifurcation analysis of reaction-diffusion systems with delays

Jesso, Andrew

M.Sc. (2010)


The Hamiltonicity of block-intersection graphs of balanced incomplete block designs

Keeping, Rebecca

M.Sc. (2010)


The watchman’s walk problem and its variations

Li, Qiong

M.Sc. (2010)


An algorithm for finding optimal descent trees conditional on the observed data

Lou, Yijun

PhD (2010)


Global dynamics of some malaria models in heterogeneous environments

Manem, Venkata

M.Sc. (2010)


The two fixed centers problem – An integrable Hamiltonian systems

McGraw, Jason

PhD (2010)


Group gradings on simple Lie algebras of Cartan and Melikyan type

Mohammad, Khaled

M.Sc. (2010)


Completedproject for course-based M.Sc.

Stockley, Nicole

M.Sc. (2010)


Completed project for course-based M.Sc.

Tao, Yi

MAS (2010)


Generalized quasilikelihood method for misclassified longitudinal binary data

Zhai, Zhichun

PhD (2010)


Some regularity estimates for mild solutions to fractional heat-type and Navier-Stokes equations

Go, Seung-byong

M.Sc. (2009)


Combinatorics and its applications in DNA analysis