Site Builder - web development tool

Site Builder is a web-based tool that allows departments, faculties and other organizations at Memorial to produce web pages that are consistent with the design of the university’s official web site.

Site Builder makes it quick and easy for departments to post and update their web pages, without requiring special software, knowledge of HTML or experience in transferring files to a web server.

That way your department can focus on creating good content instead of dealing with technical details.

How does it work?

Site Builder is located on a Unix-based system run by ccwebworks at Computing and Communications. You log into this system using your MUN login information (the same information used for accessing the Portal). Once you make changes to the web site, all data is saved within a database, and then published to the main MUN web server.

The Site Builder system offers Memorial users the following features:

  • The default template, which defines the layout and appearance of the site, will be consistent with the top level Memorial pages. This is automatically handled by Site Builder which means you don’t have to do anything further to produce a site that follows the Memorial standard.
  • This system gives users the ability to create and edit web page content using a web-based editing program that is similar to word processing programs like WordPerfect or MS Word. The program allows you to add and edit text, links, images and tables. You will not need any other programs such as FTP/Telnet clients or HTML editing packages.
  • This system also allows you to create and maintain the menus that control navigation. Site Builder is built around the idea that a web site is divided into sections (main subject area) and then in each sub section you will have pages pertaining to that subject or a further breakdown into subsections for that subject.
  • Your department can use Site Builder to assign specific people to maintain certain content areas of your website. For a smaller department, one person is likely to maintain all pages within a site. But for a larger group, we can set up the system to specify that a particular user is responsible for specific pages.

How do I get access to Site Builder?

If you’d like to use the Site Builder system, contact Memorial’s Web Manager. The Web Manager will review your department’s needs, advise you with organizing your content and take you through the process of accessing and operating the Site Builder system.

ccwebworks sets up the site for your department, while the Web Content Services team trains your staff, and helps to move existing web content to the new system.