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The following list of websites are supported by WCS, use Site Builder and have the standard Memorial look and feel.

mun look & feel

All pages in this section have the new MUN sub-site template available to them. To see the new template and how your sites colours would look in it, please click here.

These sites with a unique design but still maintain the standard Memorial look and feel:

Distance Education, Learning & Teaching Support (DELTS)


Faculty of Science (includes Department of Biochemistry, Department of Biology, Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography, Department of Psychology, Ocean Sciences Centre)

Faculty of science

We also provide support and maintenance for:

A faculty profile template (See Faculty profiles)

Faculty profile

An associations template (See Associations template)



We provide support for the following mobile sites:


*In development

We also support the Virtual Tour:

virtual tour

See Sites and services supported and maintained by other units.