Why does the web matter?

We often get asked why having an up to date website matters, here are some reasons:
  • The web is the first media - users expect it to be updated first
  • Once a web site is developed, it’s a cost-effective way of communicating with our various audiences
  • It is a boundless media and it is ubiquitous
  • The web is the primary representation of Memorial to anyone outside the campus
  • The web is the most important media for our changing demographics
  • The web can help to improve outdated business processes across departmental lines and provide one face to our clients
  • The web reveals our dis-unity and forces us to think about our external constituents
  • Because print is great once you get it to them…the web is also a free worldwide delivery mechanism!
  • And email/social networking as its essential compliment in a web 2.0 world