Web writing workshop

Web Content Services offers a workshop for staff, faculty and students who write content for www.mun.ca. The web writing workshop:

  • explores what motivates people to read online.
  • identifies challenges writers face in maintaining reader interest in a digital environment.
  • recommends tactics to improve text-based content of websites.

What participants have to say:

I learned writing for a website is different than other types of writing. The workshop walked me through the process of redesigning my web content to best meet the needs of its intended users.” - Jonas Roberts, Faculty of Engineering

The web writing workshop inspired me get to work on our website right away. While the web is a dynamic platform, some topics covered will be applicable no matter how technology alters, such as knowing your audience, and using precise, plain language.” - Carrie Ivardi, Career Development and Experiential Learning

Interested in participating? Contact the editor to reserve your seat in the next workshop.