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Web content services helps you maintain current information on your unit's website. We offer free tools and services to support your efforts from daily maintenance to complete overhauls. Our service level agreement outlines in detail how we work in partnership with units.

Interested in starting a new web project? The first step is to complete a marketing request form. If your project falls within our scope and our resources allow we will contact you and get started. 

Featured Websites

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts website uses our newest template, which is mobile friendly, to showcase people and programs. In addition to clear navigation, a secondary audienced based menu allows readers to quickly locate content relevant to them. 

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Undergraduate Recruitment

The undergraduate recruitment site, managed by the Office of Student Recruitment, is able to reach potential students using our mobile friendly template. This template automatically detects the device a web reader is using and adjusts the display accordingly, meaning you only need to maintain content in one place. 

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