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Teaching & Learning

Traditional and non-traditional learning environments: labs, classrooms, lecture halls, workplace, outdoors, research, tutoring, fieldwork, profs, some students.

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Professor teaching class. (File: 2003
Experiential learning: archaeology
student working on a dig in Ferryland,
NL. (Archaeology-dig). (File:2003 1 View
book 9.tif)
Today's technology can mean accessing
the classroom from a distant location,
or conducting a full audio-video
employment interview in real time from
thousands of miles away. (File: Career
Dev. Jan09 04 016)
Chemistry Students. (File: Grenfell Aug
Professor and student. Pigeon research.
(File: Grenfell Aug 2003)
Dr. Phillip Bording, the Husky Energy
Chair in Oil and Gas Research, in the
new Landmark Graphics Visualization
Laboratory. The lab is a high-tech
scientific theatre where up to 20
researchers can collaborate and view
data in 4-D (3-D plus a temporal
dimension). (File: Vis Lab Oct04 05 041)
Dr. Phillip Bording, Husky Energy Chair
in Oil and Gas Research,  working with
students in the Visualization
Laboratory. (File: Vis Lab Oct04 05 006)
Nurse with Patient. (File:
Students relaxing at Career Development
study area. (File: Career Dev. Jan09 04
D. Fowler with student. (File: Dr Fowler
April11 06 006)
Geology Professor with students. (File:
Geology April12 06 028)
Professor teaching class. (File:
Shakespeare April11 06 006)

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