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Studio images of senior administration, staff and faculty.

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Hon. J. C. Crosbie, Lieutenant-Governor
of Newfoundland and Labrador. (File:
John Crosbie Aug 2012 001)
Kent Decker, Vice-President
(Administration and Finance). (File: K
Decker_Aug21 12 019m)
Karen Hollett, General Counsel. (File: K
Hollett_Sept22 12 041m)
Margot Brown, Executive Director, Office
of the President. (File: M Brown_Aug16
12 023m)
Penny Blackwood, Director, Alumni
Affairs and Development. (File: P
Blackwood_Aug15 12 012m)
Dr. Ray Gosine, Vice-President
(Research), Collaborations and
Partnerships. (File: R Gosine_Aug17 12
Rob Greenwood, Executive Director,
Office of Engagement. (File: R
Greenwood_Sept05 12 017)
General Rick Hillier (Retired), Former
Chancellor. (File: R Hillier_Aug12 12
Rob Shea, Associate Vice-President
(Academic) Marine Institute. (File: R
Shea_Aug17 12 027m)
Victoria Collins, Executive Director,
Division of Marketing and
Communications. (File: V Collins_Aug21
12 016m)
Antony Card, Associate Vice-President,
Grenfell Campus, Research. (File:
Antony Card, Associate Vice-President,
Grenfell Campus, Research. (File:

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