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Academic and social activities with students.

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Taking a closer look at a map. (File:
SWGC GIS06 Aug2003)
The latest journals and reference
materials are available at the Ferriss
Hodgett Library at Grenfell College.
(File: SWGC L03 Aug2003)
To be or not to be....a theatre student
looks for inspiration in the Grenfell
theatre. (File: SWGC T02 Aug2003)
All the world's a stage ... and we'll
use as much of it as we can. Fine Arts
students from the Grenfell theatre
program stage a performance in a
dramatic setting. (File: SWGC A03
Honing kayaking skills on Long Pond, St.
John's campus. (File: 2003 View Book
(Kayakers) NP2)
CHMR Radio (MUN Radio) Man Reading
Print. (File: 2003 View Book CHMR
Students playing frisbee. (File: Res
June08/06 053_1176)
Students in residence. (File: Res
June08/06 034_1178)
Student in residence at Grenfell Campus.
(File: Residence April11/06 005)
Dr. T A Loeffler and class (File: TA
June01 06 020)
Students collecting samples near the
Ocean Science Centre. (File: 2003 View
Book NP2)
Student relaxing near INCO Centre, July
2007 (File: INCO July25 07 001)

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