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Academic and social activities with students.

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Summertime leisure activities are just
outside your door at Memorial
University. A group of students take a
break from cycling and hiking in a
convenient rest stop in Pippy Park, St.
John's. (File: July06/04 187)
International students find Memorial's
campus an interesting change from their
home environments, with new cultures and
new experiences around every corner.
(File: Oct15/04 162)
Enjoying the sunshine outside the
University Centre on the St. John's
campus. University tower and the library
are in the background. (File:
Students and staff take some time to 
relax at Bitters, the on-campus pub
operated by the Graduate Students Union.
(File: Bitters June10/04 018)
Students putting their ideas together.
(File: 2003 View Book CLASSROOM-kids)
LIFE27 Classroom)
Bringing home the KD - learning to do
the kitchen shopping is a eye-opening
experience for most university students.
(File: AuntieCrae's Apr05/04 011)
Memorial offers many of its programs
with a co-op component, where students
get real-world experience in alternate
terms to their academic training. (File:
2003 View Book MUN-Daycare)
Study time in residence. (File: 2003
View Book Girl in dorm LIFE53 Girl Study
on Bed)
Campus tours for prospective students
are led by current students and are
arranged through the Office of Student
Recruitment. Here, a student takes
shelter with our very own Trudy the
dinosaur as she keeps a watchful eye for
hungry predators in her display at the
Earth Sciences Building. (File: 2003
View Book (guy-with-dino) LIFE69 Man
Sits Next to Animal)
Learn by Doing - A student takes a field
sample of water under the watchful eye
of her professor. (File: SWGC Water
Sample Aug/2003)
The correct protective coverings are
essential when handling chemicals. A
student carefully measures the compounds
for a chemistry lab experiment. (File:
Aug03_ Grenfell file_SWGC2_Chem_C09)
Time to relax with friends over coffee
at the cafeteria at Grenfell College.
(File: SWGC Cafe03 Aug2003)

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