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SUBJECT: Grenfell: Grenfell College hopes to assist students find off-campus housing
DATE: Aug. 21, 2009

              With rental vacancy rates at an all-time low in Corner Brook, Grenfell students are encouraged to contact the Off-campus Housing Office at Grenfell College for assistance.
“Students from outside the Corner Brook area who wish to live off-campus are facing incredibly low vacancy rates,” says Anna Russell-Mercier, off-campus housing co-ordinator at Grenfell College.
             The Off-campus Housing Office lists off-campus accommodations on its website; Ms. Russell-Mercier encourages landlords in the area to list their rental properties on the site. 
             “The free housing list on our website allows local landlords to advertise their property and for students, faculty and staff to find accommodations,” said Ms. Russell-Mercier. 
             According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Spring 2009 Rental Market Report, Corner Brook has the lowest vacancy rate in the province, at 0.4 per cent. 
             “In general, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individuals, including non-students, to find rentals in Corner Brook,” said Ms. Russell-Mercier. “I have had nearly as many inquiries from non-Grenfell students, including non-students, regarding  apartments and houses for rent. “ 
             She said she’s concerned that landlords could be being more selective, given they are operating in a ‘landlord’s market.’
              “I’ve even noticed several ads in the Western Star which specify ‘no students’,” she said, adding that it’s equally important for landlords and potential landlords to realize that their support is important. “There may be people out there with rooms or apartments to rent who haven’t considered that option in the past. We want to emphasize that their cooperation is essential if students are to find appropriate living arrangements this fall.”
On a slightly more positive note, she said, there are still rooms available in rentals to share and boarding houses; however, not all students will find this type of rental suitable for their needs, such as students with children, a spouse or partner, special needs such as allergies and older students or interns. 
              With just a couple of weeks left before classes start, landlords, Grenfell students and/or parents and guardians should not hesitate to call. Ms. Russell-Mercier can be reached at 637-6200 extension 1286. Visit the off-campus housing website at

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