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The Works at MUN; everything for every body

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DATE:     Jan. 10, 2002
SUBJECT:     The Works at MUN; everything for every body

It's called The Works at MUN.

That's the name on the new package of recreation and leisure programs and services at Memorial University which officially opens today with the start of the winter semester.

The Works includes most of the recreation and leisure facilities at Memorial's St. John's campus including the new Field House, the swimming pool and Strength and Conditioning Centre in the Physical Education Building, the Splash facility at Long Pond, the outdoor playing fields, and the Aquarena.

Packages of programs and services have been developed for students, faculty and staff and the general public.

According to Anne Richardson, director, The Works provides a broad range of mixed services to as broad a clientele as possible. "For example, the Aquarena will continue to serve its primarily public clientele, while accommodating students for scheduled swims," she said. "The new Field House will primarily serve the student population, while at the same time accommodating demand from the general public and faculty, staff and alumni." Ms. Richardson previously served as general manager of Canada Games Park Inc., the operator of the Aquarena for the university.

The Works is governed by a voluntary board of directors chaired by Bill Thistle, the general manager of Labatt and a volunteer from the community who previously served as chairman of the board of Canada Games Park Inc. The board also includes undergraduate and graduate students, other university and community representatives and representation from the City of St. John's.

"There's been great excitement about the new facilities and the programs of The Works," said Ms. Richardson. She explained that activities include aerobics and fitness classes, running and walking on the new 200-m track, badminton, tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball and a host of other leisure and recreation options. The Field House portion of The Works will be able to host major sports tournaments and also has a full floor covering that will enable it to host concerts, student events such as orientation and winter carnival, and public events including trade shows.

"The philosophy behind the creation of The Works is to be as inclusive as possible" she said. "We chose as our marketing slogan, ‘Every Body, Every Thing' and we feel that sums up what The Works can and will mean for student, employees and alumni of Memorial in St. John's and for the general public."

Further information, including programs and services and fee schedules can be obtained by calling 737-3000, or at www.mun.ca/theworks.


For further information, please contact:
Anne Richardson, director, The Works, 737-3783


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