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Memorial nursing grads are buddies forever

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DATE:     May 28, 2002
SUBJECT:     Memorial nursing grads are buddies forever

Convocation 2002 at Memorial

For five of this year's nursing graduates, the time spent at Memorial's School of Nursing was enhanced by a close group friendship. Paul Cramm, Craig Murphy, Danny Martin and Morley Colbourne met in first-year nursing and immediately became friends. "It helped to have other guys there," said Mr. Colbourne. "At first we all sat together and did group projects together."

In second year another student, David Miller, joined the class and he too became one of the tightly-knit group of friends. "When you're in the minority you tend to be a little shy at first," said Mr. Miller. "It was really nice to have other guys in the class and we've been best buddies ever since."

Like his friends, Craig Murphy is from outside St. John's and chose nursing as a career with good job and traveling opportunities. He grew up in Keels and always wanted to work in the health care field. After two years of university he settled on nursing and is glad he did. He's already begun work at a job in Clarenville. Mr. Colbourne, who grew up in Carbonear, is beginning work in Grand Falls. He said that there were many attractive prospects for the class to choose from.

Classmate Paul Cramm, the oldest of the group, is going even farther afield. He grew up in Old Perlican and worked in a crab plant before going to university when he was 27. Now that he's graduated, he'll be getting married and working for three months at Carmelite House in Grand Falls, then he and his wife will be heading to California on a two-year contract. "Nursing offers great job opportunities. You can explore the world or stay home."

Nursing instructor Marge Hackett said these students received praise from nurse preceptors in their independent study electives. "For example, Morley worked in a forensic unit - he has a certificate in criminology - and one nurse commented that the staff felt he had lots of initiative, something that nurses today really need."

Memorial University of Newfoundland is the largest university in Atlantic Canada, with more than 16,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Outstanding research in a variety of disciplines and extraordinary teaching in more than 250 academic programs, plus a strong tradition of service to the community, are the university's hallmarks. Memorial's diverse offerings are available at in four distinctive campus locations - in Newfoundland and in England - on the Web and in field courses around the world, providing a rich learning experience for students from this province and, increasingly, elsewhere.

In addition to providing personal and intellectual growth, a Memorial University education prepares students for fulfilling careers. According to a recent survey conducted by the provincial government, one year after Convocation over 80 per cent of Memorial graduates had found full-time employment related to their field of study.

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