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MUN's Board of Regents to consult on university name

Ref. No. 67

DATE:     Dec. 7, 2001
SUBJECT:     MUN's Board of Regents to consult on university name

The Board of Regents of Memorial University of Newfoundland has been asked by the provincial government to provide advice on the future of the university's name in light of the recent change in the official name of the province to Newfoundland and Labrador. Edward Roberts, chairman of Memorial's Board of Regents, said the board has struck a committee to consult on the issue.

"I emphasize that the university will always be known as `Memorial University'," said Mr. Roberts. "It will always bear that name in recognition of our origins as a war memorial and in honour of our veterans.

"However, our legal name is ` Memorial University of Newfoundland'. That was set by the House of Assembly, and it will be for the House of Assembly to decide whether it should be changed. Our intention is to gather sound opinion to inform the advice we will provide to the provincial government."

Mr. Roberts explained that the committee will be university-wide and include representatives of students, staff, faculty, alumni and management. "The committee will consult widely and make recommendations to the Board. The Board will then provide advice to the provincial government," he said.

Mr. Roberts added that in addition to consultation within the university, the public will also be involved. "We will be soliciting public input, suggestions and ideas. We will be advertising before Christmas asking for input with the expectation of receiving submissions by around mid-January. The committee would then provide recommendations to the Board of Regents, and the Board will subsequently provide its advice to the provincial government. It will be up to the government to decide how to proceed from there."


For further information, please contact Peter Morris, associate director, Division of University Relations, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 737-2455, 687-9239 (cell).


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