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Memorial University gives high school grads a second chance

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DATE:     Nov. 23, 2001
SUBJECT:     Memorial University gives high school grads a second chance

Memorial University has given high school graduates a second chance. Students who were within five per cent of usual admission requirements don't have to throw away their dreams of a university education thanks to a bridging program offered at the St. John's campus. Memorial's Division of Lifelong Learning is offering a Fall Bridging Program from Dec. 3-19 this year. The Bridging Program will provide:

  • Instruction and practice in basic skills necessary to begin university level reading, writing and mathematics, as well as instruction in such skills as note taking, library research, time management and preparation for exams.
  • An introduction to the university way of life: what the university is all about, what Memorial expects of students, and the programs and resources available.

The Bridging Program does not carry university credit, but students who successfully complete the program will be admitted and may register for the winter semester.

Dr. Michael Collins, Memorial's associate vice-president (academic) said, "This bridging program is an excellent opportunity for high school graduates who for one reason or another did not quite meet Memorial's normal admission requirements. It gives them the opportunity to show that they really do deserve a chance to be at University. This program is just another way in which Memorial is fulfilling its mandate to educate all suitably qualified Newfoundland and Labrador students." Further information and application packages are available from the Division of Lifelong Learning, 737-3082. Applications will be processed until Nov. 26.


For more information, contact Doreen M. Whalen, Director, Division of Lifelong Learning, School of Continuing Education, phone 737-3082.


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