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Memorial University offering entrance scholarships totalling $1.3 million

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DATE:     Feb. 4, 2002
SUBJECT:     Memorial University offering entrance scholarships totalling $1.3 million

Memorial University of Newfoundland has finalized its entrance scholarships policy for the upcoming academic year.

As in the past few years, the province's only university will offer almost $1.3 million in entrance scholarships to almost 630 graduating high school students. In addition, university officials have received early approval to reward the province's outstanding scholars as was done last year.

"I'm very happy to be able to confirm that this September any Newfoundland and Labrador first-year student with a final admission average of more than 85 per cent is assured of a Memorial University entrance scholarship," said Carson Leonard, director of Student Support Services.

Entrance scholarships at Memorial fall into one of two categories. "Early offer" scholarships are those which are offered to prospective students in late March or early April of their last year of high school.

"The early offers are made to students recommended by their schools," said Joe Byrne, director of Student Recruitment and Promotion. The university's Scholarships Office mails every high school in the province requesting school officials to recommend which of their students should be considered for entrance scholarships.

"The principals or guidance counselors send us the names of students who have an average grade of 90 per cent or higher on the courses required for university admission," explained Mr. Leonard. "Once we've heard from the schools, we start the process of determining which students will be offered scholarships."

The early offers include the university's most prestigious scholarships, such as the MUN Alumni Association Scholarships, valued at $25,000 each, and the Dr. Leslie Harris scholarships, valued at $16,000, as well as hundreds of others worth $3500 and $2000.

"The ability to make these early offers to our most academically gifted students means Memorial has a better chance of attracting them to one of our campuses," noted Mr. Byrne.

Other entrance scholarships are awarded in September, and are based on a student's final admissions average.

"Every first-year student with an average of 90 per cent or higher will be given at least a $2000 scholarship, even if they didn't get an early offer," said Mr. Leonard. "If a student's average is between 85 and 89.9, we can give them $1000. We also match the amount of the various provincial government scholarships for any student coming to Memorial who has won one of these (Junior Jubilee, Provincial Electoral District, Centenary of Responsible Government or Constable W.C. Moss) and who hasn't received a MUN entrance scholarship of equal or higher value."

Letters to high schools have been sent out, and are to be returned to the university by Feb. 28.


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