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New dean of arts announced by Memorial University

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DATE:     April 8, 2002
SUBJECT:     New dean of arts announced by Memorial University

Dr. Axel Meisen, president and vice-chancellor of Memorial University, today announced the appointment of the university's new dean of the Faculty of Arts. Dr. David Graham, head of Memorial's Department of French and Spanish, was appointed by Memorial's Board of Regents and will take up the senior post effective July 1, 2002. The dean of arts is responsible for all facets of that faculty's work, including setting priorities, development and delivery of undergraduate and graduate programs and encouraging research.

Dr. Graham has been a member of Memorial's Department of French and Spanish since 1979, and has twice served as its head (1986-1992 and 1999-2002). He earned his BA (Hons) at the University of Saskatchewan and his MA and PhD at the University of Western Ontario, and taught at the Royal Military College in Kingston, in Ontario before coming to Memorial.

"I am very pleased to have Dr. Graham as our dean of arts," Dr. Meisen said. "Dr. Graham has a strong knowledge of the issues facing the Faculty of Arts and is committed to increasing the number of students graduating from that faculty's programs; he is also aiming to revitalize those programs and will work to re-orient the faculty in light of these objectives. He has also been involved in many university-wide planning initiatives, including ones that have led to the Strategic Framework and the new Web management structure at Memorial."

Resources will be crucial to revitalizing and building the Faculty of Arts. "We have to increase public support for the humanities and social sciences," Dr. Graham said. "That's a long-term objective, but I think, in a sense, that's a key to all the rest."

Dr Graham's primary research interest lies in the field of early French illustrated books, particularly the emblem and fable books common during the Renaissance. He has a long-standing interest in the area of hypertext and hypermedia, and is currently working with scholars at the University of Glasgow to publish part of the important Stirling Maxwell Collection of emblem books there in electronic form.

In the area of teaching, Dr Graham has been active in the development of computerized course materials for first-year French, including language exercises and an online placement test. He was also academic co-ordinator of the 1997 Congress of Learned Societies that brought over 5,000 delegates to Memorial and has been president of several disciplinary associations including the Canadian Association of College and University Teachers of French.


Editors note: A photograph of Dr. David Graham is available at www.mun.ca/univrel/photos.html


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