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Memorial University's business undergraduates strike gold at a national competition at Queen's University

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DATE:     Jan. 15, 2002
SUBJECT:     Memorial University's business undergraduates strike gold at a national competition at Queen's University

Five teams of undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University struck gold at a national competition held at Queen's University, in Kingston, Ont. The students were participating in the Intercollegiate Business Competition (ICBC) held this past weekend at Queen's School of Business.

Memorial's teams brought home first-place finishes in accounting (Troy Stanley, Christine Thomson), debating (Tom Dunne, John Whelan), and management of information systems (Linda Cole, Jason Greenland), and a second-place finish in labour arbitration (Janice Finlay, Rose Marie Fulford). Wendy Fewer and Beth Howlett also competed in final round of the marketing category.

The participating teams had been selected for the competition at Queen's after spending four weeks developing business case analyses that were submitted to the ICBC in mid-October. Twenty-eight universities competed in seven different subject areas (accounting, debating, marketing, management of information science, finance and ethics) for a spot at the finals in Kingston. Memorial qualified five teams for the finals.

"We can attribute our success at Queen's to the hard work our teams put into preparing for the competition," said Dr. Bill Blake, dean of the Faculty of Business Administration. "The dedication and perseverance of our students and faculty coaches have led us to more than 150 victories at the national and international level, making us the "winningest" business faculty in Canada." "All of the other competitors, organizers, and judges at ICBC recognized our achievement and congratulated our team on their ability to compete against the best of Canada's business undergraduate students and be such good ambassadors for the university and the province," said Dr. Asmo Palasvirta, associate dean, undergraduate programs. "We definitely made an impression and it was a very good one."


For more information, contact Aimee Sheppard, information officer (business), Memorial University of Newfoundland, 737-2616 or asheppar@mun.ca.


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