Attention Per-Course Instructors!

Late this afternoon PSAC Regional Representative Sean Glavine, along with two members of the LUMUN Executive Board who did not serve on LUMUN’s Bargaining Team, counted both the ballots cast at the ratification meeting on Sunday, 26 January, and those mailed in by members who teach more than 60 kilometres away from the St. John’s campus.

The LUMUN membership has voted in favour of the Tentative Agreement. If the University agrees to ratify, the Agreement will be signed.

Please read the Memorandum of Settlement signed between LUMUN and MUN on Friday, 24 January 2014. [NOTE: This version has been edited to remove a few minor errors.]

A Ratification Meeting took place on Sunday, 26 January, in St. John's. Ballots were sent out via mail to members who teach more than 60 kilometres away from the St. John’s campus, and those ballots had to be received by the PSAC St. John’s Regional Office by Monday, 10 February. The ballot box containing the votes cast 26 January remained sealed until that day.

Our goal of achieving equal pay for equal work will continue. To achieve this, we need your support. We encourage all LUMUN members to remain connected and stay involved in your Union as we continue our efforts to achieve respect and fairness for all Per Course Instructors at MUN.

You can read here all of the bargaining updates from the 16 months of bargaining.