On April 6, your bargaining team exchanged proposals with the employer, and began the process of renewing your collective agreement to improve your working conditions.

Attached to this update is the full set of proposals that your Union put on the table in front of the employer. You are encouraged to read through the full document, but notably, we will be pushing for:

  • Improvements to job security through tightening the appointments language (Article 13)
  • Fair economic increases and monetary benefits for all memberS
  • Improvements to Privacy and Academic Freedom that are in line with MUNFA
  • Introduction of health care benefits
  • Better provision of office space for PCIs and allowing tax deductions for those who work from a home office
  • Recognition of PCIs’ value to the community through better integration into academic units and giving a seat to LUMUN for participation at the Senate and the Board of Regents

The employer came with a number of proposals as well. Notably, they want to eliminate our seniority provisions that provide for your job security. They also want to circumvent seniority to allow retired professors to teach courses. We will be pushing back hard against these proposals – your job security is of the utmost importance and your Union will fight to protect it.

We will be back at the table for further negotiations in June.

We will continue to keep you informed throughout the process. Please contact your bargaining team if you have any questions or concerns.

Your bargaining team:

Gil Shalev
Elise Thorburn
Martha Wells, LUMUN President
Seth Sazant, PSAC negotiator