January 14, 2014: Slow progress but serious discussion at Per Course bargaining table

Bargaining teams for LUMUN and MUN put in long hours on Monday trying to bridge the gap between them in the hopes of bringing back a tentative agreement for Per Course Instructors.

Although no new articles were signed off, the parties engaged in serious exploratory discussions on the outstanding issues.

The Union’s proposal for equal pay for work of equal value and the University’s proposal to move all DELT instructors to the flat per course rate regardless of the number of enrolments in a class dominated the discussions yesterday.

LUMUN is seeking wage parity with Teaching Term appointees under the MUNFA collective agreement, rather than being tied to the rate paid to full-time faculty members for teaching an extra course.

The Union’s proposal seeks to correct a wage inequity that developed in the two decades prior to Per Course Instructors organizing a union in late 2006. During that time, Per Course Instructors received only one wage increase in an 18-year period.

Bargaining resumes at noon today, Tuesday, January 14th. Please stay tuned for further developments. This is a very critical time in negotiations. Please be aware that your Union may be calling a meeting shortly to ask Per Course Instructors for a show of support for the demands at the bargaining table by giving your Bargaining Team the mandate to call a strike if necessary. Please note also that members who wish to do so may sign up for strike training scheduled for January 25, 2014.

In Solidarity,


Martha Wells, LUMUN President

Dr. Robert Lewis, LUMUN Secretary

Craig Cramm, LUMUN 1st Vice-President

Dwight Hutchens, LUMUN 2nd Vice-President

Sean Glavine, PSAC Regional Representative

Gail Lem, PSAC Negotiator