Credit Courses

Do you wish to take a credit course at Memorial during the Spring/Intersession/Summer?  

You are eligible to have your tuition paid by the University, per Article 23 of the Collective Agreement:

  • if you are not a postdoctoral fellow hired under Article 13.08(c) to teach a graduate course at MUN


  • if you taught during the Spring/Intersession/Summer but will not be teaching during the Fall, and you did not avail of this benefit in the Winter semester [for those on the Seniority list only]


  • if you will be teaching during the Spring/Intersession/Summer [for those on either the Probationary or Seniority list]


The Relevant Collective Agreement Language

Article 23.01:  "A Per Course Instructor may register for or audit one (1) credit course at the University during each semester that she or he is employed as a Per Course Instructor. Financial assistance is limited to the cost of tuition fees for one (1) three-credit hour University course as set by the Office of the Registrar, St. John’s Campus. This provision shall not be used to reduce program fees for graduate students registered at the University. This provision shall not apply to Per Course Instructors hired in accordance with clause 13.08(c)." [emphasis added]

Article 23.02:  "In the event a Per Course Instructor on the seniority list does not register for a course offered during the semester in which she or he is employed (as per clause 23.01), the Per Course Instructor may register for one (1) three-credit University course to be taken during the semester that immediately follows their most recent Per Course Instructor appointment, in accordance with the provisions of 23.01."

Article 23.03:  "In order to qualify under clause 23.02, course registration shall occur in the semester in which the Per Course Instructor holds a per course appointment but no later than the last day of the exam period in that semester. All Per Course Instructors availing of this benefit are subject to the same procedures and regulations administered by the Department of Human Resources as other current employees."

How to Obtain Approval for the Tuition Waiver

1. fill out the form entitled Application-credit training.

(a) Login to

(b) Click "Employees" tab (near the top)

(c) To the right, under "HR Employee Forms," click "Learning & Development," then "Application-credit training form."

N.B.  Under "Course Information," tick "Undergrad - $255."

2. get the Head of your Academic Unit to sign the form

3. submit the form by email to or in person to Learning & Development, Department of Human Resources, 4th Floor Arts & Admin Building by 14 May (for a course taught in Intersession), 21 May (for a course taught in Spring semester; 2 July (for a course taught in Summer session).


A.  If you are on the seniority list and taught during the Spring/Intersession/Summer but will not be teaching during the Fall semester, you must register for the credit course by 20 April.

B.  You will be responsible for any other fees associated with the course, including student union fees and CITL fees, if applicable.

C.  Remember to register for the course, as well as submitting the form to Human Resources.

D.  HR has advised that you should note on your application form both your academic unit and the course you were/are teaching.  This will expedite the eligibility confirmation process.

E. This benefit applies only to the cost of tuition fees for one 3-credit-hour University course as set by the Office of the Registrar, St. John's Campus.

F.  If you need to apply for admission or readmission to MUN to avail of this opportunity, the University will cover the application fee. Make sure that you note on your application form that you are a current per-course instructor.

G. If you avail of this opportunity and take an undergraduate course, you can opt-in to the Student Health Plan at the MUNSU office.  For further information, click "Other Coverage" on the MUNSU Health & Dental Insurance page.