As per-course instructors or postdoctoral fellows at Memorial, you are already dues-paying members of a bargaining unit of the Lecturers' Union of MUN, per Canadian labour law. PCIs and PDFs who pay dues but have not signed a union card are considered Rand members of LUMUN.

To become a full member of LUMUN (in good standing), you need to sign a union card. There is no cost associated with signing a card.

Being a LUMUN member in good standing has the following benefits:

  • ability to vote at LUMUN general meetings on issues that concern you

  • ability to run for – and fill – a position on the LUMUN Executive Board

  • elibility for funding from the LUMUN Cares Program (some conditions apply)
  • eligibility for a free $5000 worth of life insurance and a free $5000 accidental death & dismemberment coverage from the PSAC Insurance Trust; contact the LUMUN office for more information

  • eligibility for membership in the “MHCSI Preferred Supplementary Pharmacy Benefits Program, where you will enjoy preferred coverage on prescription medications, plus other benefits on pharmacy services”

  • ability to attend training provided by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), the national union with which LUMUN is affiliated

  • eligibility for PSAC scholarships (for you and/or your dependents)

  • (for per-course instructors on the seniority list) possible eligibility for up to $500 matching funding from LUMUN for Professional Development Funding from Memorial’s Vice President (Academic)

To become a member in good standing of LUMUN:

  1. request a blue union card from the LUMUN office (
  2. complete the card with your employment information
  3. return the card to the LUMUN office via internal mail or regular mail

The LUMUN office will forward completed cards to the PSAC office in Ottawa, and members will receive their PSAC card (and ID #) in the mail.