Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be in LUMUN?
You are eligible for membership in LUMUN if

  1. you are a per-course instructor (given a “per course appointment” in your letter of appointment) teaching on-campus courses at Memorial University or teaching MUN courses by distance. To accommodate the nature of our work, LUMUN membership is valid for a period of 36 months from the last time a member has taught.
  2. you are a postdoctoral fellow at Memorial whose funding is administered through Human Resources at MUN

What does it mean to be a member?

  • For per-course instructors and postdoctoral fellows:  All members of the bargaining unit pay union dues during those semesters in which they teach.  
  • Members of both bargaining units are considered "rand members" until they sign a union card. Upon signing a membership card, LUMUN members are considered full members in good standing and are entitled to attend and vote at union meetings and to avail of other benefits.

What is LUMUN’s connection to the PSAC?
The Public Service Alliance of Canada is a national union with which LUMUN is affiliated. PSAC was chosen by Per-course instructors because of its powerful negotiating abilities and because it is a progressive and principled union that plays a prominent role in Canada’s labour movement. LUMUN has access to all PSAC’s services, be they negotiations, grievance and adjudication representation, union training, legal advice, etc.

What have Per-course Instructors gained from union representation?
First and foremost, being unionized has allowed us to negotiate collective agreements that reflect the nature of our work, stipulating terms and conditions that must be respected by our employer.

Unionized Per-course instructors at other universities throughout North America have made great strides through negotiations, including gains such as child care, health and pension benefits, intellectual property rights, pay increases, access to research grants and job security, to name only a few.

How much are the Union dues? Who pays? How are they collected?
Membership dues are set at 1.49% in LUMUN’s constitution. They are automatically deducted from pay you receive for instructional duties only and are deducted directly from your pay cheque by MUN.

How does the negotiations process work?
The democratically elected LUMUN Bargaining Team has the authority to negotiate on behalf of its members. The PSAC provides LUMUN with a negotiator (thus far, Gail Lem) and a research officer, both of whom work closely with the team to establish and negotiate an agreement. Once a tentative agreement is established between the bargaining team and the employer, LUMUN members vote on its ratification. Once ratified, the agreement becomes a legal document under which the employer and the union operate.