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Linguistics is the scientific study of language, including language structure, language variation, language change, the development of language and the psychology and biology of language.

Our department prides itself on maintaining strong links between teaching and research, with emphasis on data-driven, theoretically informed inquiry into aboriginal languages, language variation and change and language acquisition. We invest our students into the community of linguistic scholars through active engagement in primary research, supported by unique and extensive in-house data archives, broad library holdings and state-of-the-art labs and analytical tools. Strong relations with robust local speech communities enhance our research and our teaching.

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Governor General's Innovation Award

Dr. Marie-Odile Junker of Carleton University has been awarded a Governor General’s
Innovation Award for her work on the Algonquian Linguistic Atlas.
This work began in collaboration with Dr. Marguerite MacKenzie of our
department, in a joint project to put an East Cree phrase book into CD
format.  The Atlas and other materials grew out of that and is featured in this article





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A new Linguistics publication

Dr. Vit Bubenik's book Development of Tense/Aspect in Semitic in the Context of Afro-Asiatic languages has just been published by John Benjamins.  Dr. Bubenik holds a professor emeritus position in the Linguistics department, and this book represents the result of a prodigious scholarly effort.  Congratulations, Vit!

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Best Oral Presentation

We're very proud to say "Congratulations!!!" to MUN Linguistics doctoral student, Anaer Nulahan, for winning "Best Oral Presentation" yesterday at the 19th Aldrich Multidisciplinary Graduate Research Conference, for her presentation of "Vowel Harmony in Optimality Theory".

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