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Have free time? Don't Know what to do? Get involved at Memorial!


Getting involved begins with participating in Orientation.

Students who have attended orientation know where to go for resources and who to ask for assistance. In meeting new friends they expand their awareness of different perspectives and personal life experiences.


Staying in residence? Well why not get the full experience, here’s what Residence Life has to offer!

  • Leadership Training: Becoming the best RA, AD or Proctor!
  • Have a positive start to your first year in Res …attend Orientation!
  • Get involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle…become a Paton College Peer Helper!
  • Promote the place you live, get involved…become a Res Tour Guide!
  • Keep MUN and Res clean & green…get involved in the Environmental Sustainability Committee!

Leadership Programs

  Campus Life is only as great as you make it. Drop by Answers, Centre for Student Life and get involved in leadership programs such as:
  • Memorial Student Leadership Program, for Leaders of tomorrow, today!
  • Represent Memorial at on and off campus events as a Memorial Ambassador!
  • Make Orientation memorable for first years become a volunteer!
  • Take a high school student to class with you sign up for LEAP.


Still can't find the right thing to get involved?

The Student Volunteer Bureau has something for everyone. Be sure to drop by and get involved.

Involved students earn higher grades than non-involved students. They discover the advantages of complementing classroom learning with practical life experiences.

  Students at Memorial can travel internationally, participate in national conferences, meet people from around the world, and earn recognition for their volunteer activities.

Read about our amazing students and award winning students. Their accomplishments and activities can inspire you to find the activities that allow you to shine too as you find organizations and options that best fit your interests and needs.