October 14-27, 2013

October 15-26: Marie Clément presented an update of LI activities at the annual general meeting of ACUNS (Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies) in Ottawa.

October 15 & 22: Beatrice, Diane and Doreen completed Banner HR training.

October 16: Martha met with John Graham to discuss evaluation of the Social Work program.

October 16: Marie Clément meet with Marc Lucotte and Sophie Chen and visited their mercury analytical facility at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

October 18: Bryn and Ron met with Corey Bussey and visited the NWR Research Centre in preparation for a meeting with Transportation and Works regarding maintenance/contract deficiencies and items requiring attention.

October 22: Morgon and Martha met with artist, Rebecca Belmore to discuss plans for work she would like to do in Labrador.

October 22: Martha, Bryn, Morgon, Karen and Doreen took part in a Communication Strategy meeting.

October 22: Ron O’Neill from Memorial’s academic advising team, visited the Labrador West Campus to meet with future Memorial students.

October 24: Bryn and Ron met with Transportation and Works Building Supervisor to review maintenance issues/contract deficiencies at the NWR Centre and discuss action options to address immediate needs.

October 24: Ron attended a Labrador North Chamber of Commerce meeting where guest speakers from BellAliant addressed resolving problems with internet service in Labrador and the challenges presented by forest fires over the past summer.

October 24: Our Final Budget Allocation was received from Financial and Administrative Services; Doreen is currently reviewing.