June 10-23, 2013

June 10: Martha met with Rebecca, Scott and Joinal to discuss a possible collaborative effort by LI researchers to publish a book.

June 10: Marie Clément visited Rigolet with Todd Broomfield (Director of Renewable Resources, Nunatsiavut Government) and David David Wolfery (Conservation officer, Nunatsiavut Government) to investigate future research opportunities.

June 11: Martha And Ron along with faculty members in St. John’s carried out interviews for the Research Associate in Education position. A candidate has been selected.

June 11: The Labrador Institute now has an account on LinkedIn, check it out at: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Labrador-Institute-Memorial-University-5061037?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr

June 12: Martha worked with Dr. Janice Parsons to submit a proposal for cross-campus initiative funding which would promote a visit to LI by the School of Social Work.

June 14: Graduation of Inuit Bachelor of Social Work students was held at the O’Brien Arts Centre. This was attended by Nunatsiavut president, Sarah Leo and Memorial’s President, Dr. Kachanoski. Nataniel and Martha organized the ceremony and Keith was our excellent MC. Congratulations to all!

June 14: Marie Clément, Ian Fleming and Ian Bradbury submitted a proposal entitled “Promoting Memorial University’s aquatic research initiatives in Labrador” to the Cross-Campus Initiatives Fund.

June 19: Marie Clément attended a conference call to discuss progress on a DFO technical report describing methodologies to quantify the effectiveness of fish habitat compensation.

June 21: Catherine Emmens began work as a library assistant, working with Morgon on a project to develop the Labrador Institute's still images collection.

June 10-23: Joinal and Diego have been very busy working on the ARI (Agriculture Research Initiative) funded project. They have been preparing the land, laying out experimental fields, applying the treatments and sowing the seeds. Joinal would like to send out a ‘Thank you’ to Diego for all of his hard work, since they were facing scarcity of labourers for the field. They were finally able to sow the seeds of beet to their experimental plots during June 21st to June 23rd.