The MUN Faculty of Education will be offering a selection of graduate courses from our Master of Education program to students living in Labrador. For more information:

The following Memorial University courses will be offered LIVE and on-site in Happy Valley-Goose Bay!

Summer Session:

June 27-August 10:

Anthropology 3050: Ecology and Culture
Education 3962: Social Studies in the Primary/Elementary School (IBEd students only)

July 25-August 5 (10 days, 2 courses):
Education 6936: Restorative Justice
Education 6603: Place, Ecology and Education

This is a wonderful opportunity to start your university education, build on your CAS transfer courses, or continue working on your degree.

For further information on the above courses, contact Martha MacDonald by email or by telephone at (709) 896-6213 or Morgon Mills by email or by telephone at (709) 896-6394.

Scholarship opportunity for Postgraduate Indigenous students: Postgraduate Scholarship for Arctic Indigenous Peoples

As well as providing information and advice on programs at St. John’s Campus and at Grenfell, the LI is actively involved in promoting education taking place in Labrador. This includes the 4 year Inuit Bachelor of Social Work program which concluded in June 2013, an Inuit Bachelor of Education program that began in September 2014, and annual intersession courses and occasional graduate courses. 


An educational needs assessment was conducted by the Labrador Institute in 2012-2013. The purpose of this project was to begin to identify the post-secondary education needs within Labrador, to inform the Labrador Institute of the efforts it can pursue in order to support these needs and provide guidance for future program offerings in Labrador. 

Data for this study was gathered from High School students and Comprehensive Arts and Science Transfer: College-University students in Labrador.  The project was carried out with the assistance of the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP), Memorial University.  The Educational Needs Assessment Report was completed in July 2013.