Summer 2012: Week 5. Kellie Clark

It’s the end of another week and a busy one. We normally go to the site on Fridays but because it’s so close to the crew leaving the site and heading back to Newfoundland there wasn’t much for us to do out there so we stayed in the lab and started to pack up the artifacts. Last friday we had a beautiful, extremely hot day out to the site. The house was coming along very well. Myself and Chelsea shared a unit again and it was much better then the week before. I found a some iron, bone, a piece of soapstone and a bead. At the end of the day the crew came into town for the weekend and myself and Chelsea prepared a bbq at Chelsea’s house for supper. There was so much food and it was all very good! I think everyone enjoyed their weekend into town and they headed back out on Sunday. Summer is soon coming to an end and as the crew leaves the site on Wednesday, August 15th, myself and Chelsea have some last minute things left to do in the lab. ¬†Overall, it was a great summer and we worked with such an awesome crew. It’s sad to see it all come to an end once again, but maybe i’ll be back for another digging season next summer :)

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