Kellie Clark- Pigeon Cove, Summer 2012

It’s my second summer working with Lisa and her crew and so far it’s very enjoyable.  This year the site is out to Pigeon Cove where Lisa and her students are digging the one house. Myself and Chelsea have been out for one friday digging, the other fridays we were supposed to head out the weather did not cooperate with us.  Me and Chelsea shared a unit, in one area where Lisa thought might be the entrance passage because at that time they still never found it which was making them pretty frustrated. In this unit we found some bone, iron, ceramics, and flint. There are a lot of artifacts being found in this house, including a complete soapstone oil lamp which is very cool! Also lots of iron, ceramics, pipe stems and pieces of pipe bowls. We are busy working in the lab, washing and cataloguing all the artifacts that are being brought in. It it definitely keeping us busy. Overall it is a great summer, with a great crew to work with.

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