Chelsea Morris; Week 3!

Well Friday was sure a hot one! It was ridiculously hot actually.. 28.7 degrees celciusĀ in town that day, but it sure seemed hotter than that at the dig site when you’re crouched over digging all day. There wasn’t a draft of wind, and the stouts were out swarming around us. But besides the horrible heat, it was a good day digging. When we went out this week we could really see a lot of the house opened up. The crew are moving swiftly to get the house done, and this week we got to dig in the entrance passage. We didn’t find a lot but it’s exciting to see how the house is coming along, knowing we are almost done. When we go out this week, they should be into the mapping stages; taking out rocks that may have fallen in over the years. Thats when the house really shapes up. It’ll be exciting to see on Friday :)

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