Eliza’s week in town

The past week at the site we finally uncovered the southeast corner of the house! At the bottom of level 1 Vicky exposed a large stone bench there, which was pretty cool. Saturday was community day and we had a great turn out from morning til afternoon. Phoebe fortuitously found an iron harpoon head just as Lisa was giving a group tour. Lots of other great artifacts were collected as well- a whalebone runner, some big pieces of ceramic, and engraved pipe stems. On Monday I came into town for my week working in the lab. I got some photos of a selection of our coolest artifacts which will be up on the CURA website soon. Mario Blaser and Derek Norman arrived in town on Tuesday and got some footage of the lab and then went out to the site where the crew dressed up in costume and they filmed around the excavation- the idea for the final scene sounds like it will be really interesting.

Friday morning us lab crew came back to dig for the day, as usual, but this time the whole group came back into town with Doris and Lew. We had a relaxing weekend in Cartwright and now are back out for our final week of digging! Most of the site is opened, although we had to put in a few new units to find all the edges of the house.

I had a great time staying with Brenda and her kiddies but I am definitely looking forward to sleeping back on the ground in my cozy tent!

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