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Summer 2012; Pigeon Cove!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Chelsea Morris-

It’s a new summer,a nd a new digging season! There’s quite a big crew this year, with a great bunch of people for the digsite in Pigeon Cove. Myself and Kellie are back in the lab again this year and are very excited to see how the new location fo the digsite will turn out. It was slow the first week, coming in and setting everything up in the lab. On Wednesday July 11th we went to the digsite to take a look at what was going on because there were no artifacts sent in at that point, with the digsite just starting a few days before hand. Myself, Kellie and George went out and picked up a box of artifacts, and finally got to see what the site looked like. It was in a very interesting place but at that point there hadn’t been much uncovered. We came back in and on Thursday we took out the bone and iron and let them dry. Friday, the weather didnt allow us to go out to the digsite to dig so we stayed in town.

The next week we brushed and washed all fo the artifacts and cleaned them. We had everything done and ready to go for Friday and once again, the weather was too bad for us to go out.

This week we have been backed up with all of the artifacts from the previous week. George went out on Saturday to pick up Amanda and Mark, and brought in a bunch of water containers. On Monday, we received a phone call form the site saying that they needed the water and propane ASAP so we got ready and brought out the supplies. Today we picked up groceries for the site, and got back to our lab work. We are waiting for Lisa to arrive this afternoon, to send out some forms and just for her to take a look at what has been found. It’ll be interesting to see the digsite this Friday, hopefully if the weather lets up. The forcast is good for the week, so we should be back next week with an interesting report !