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Brandon Morris

Monday, August 1st, 2011

This week was more of an exciting week for here at the lab and out at the site. A lot of artifacts were found and some very interesting ones at that. We were very busy getting all the artifacts catalogued before we headed out to the site. Once we went out to the site Chelsea, Kellie and I were set to dig up units right next to each other near the enterance passage of the house. Many pieces of bone, ceramic, iron, and even beads were found down near this area. By finding all of the different artifacts kept the day very interesting and kept our mind set on digging even though there were a lot of flies buzzing around. The house is almost fully dug up now and then the removal of the floor stones along with back filling is left to do. That is all for this week.

Vicky Allen – Finishing the house!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

This week we made some headway in finding the edges of the house. We have most of the corners found, but we’re still looking for some more. I found a key part of the wall this week. Phoebe found a nice niche and some floor, Lisa put me next to her and I found more of the sleeping platform and what looks to be one of the corners. We also had to take out more trees and add units, these are deep, the soil is denser and also they are filled with huge roots! Everytimg we take the sod off our unit, we do a survey of the roots and try to decide the best way to get them out. Pheobe had one of the biggest! I think the root was bigger than the tree trunk itself! For the most part of this week we were all in the west side of the house, trying to find the end – the walls, with Laura concentrating largely on the entrance passage, which is the at the north east side of the house. The crew and I came in this weekend, they left yesterday. They will be finishing the units, there are about 10 left to do, and maybe put a few more in. They’ll soon begin taking the collapsed rocks out of the house and Robyn will begin mapping the floor. It looked open when I left Friday, but I have a feeling it’s going to look even cooler when I get back (I forgot to mention that this is my fisrt dig!).

Some of the interesting and imfortant finds of the week were:

  • minature soapstone pot – Me
  • Gaffe, ulu, hook (same unit) – Pheobe
  • Endblade – Andrew

and more but they are escaping me right now. So we’ve got about ten days left, they’ll be hetic and stressful but they’ll pay off in the end! This week is supposed to be better for digging also, last week was extremely hot! We got off early one day so we could go into the ocean! So this week in the lab should be interesting, I knew Chelsea and Brandon before, they’re sure to keep me on my toes!

Kellie Clark

Monday, August 1st, 2011

On friday we went had another day out to the dig site. It was a very hot day, and the stouts were wild which made it very uncomfortable for working in, or which is what I thought. I had my own square to dig in this time around, and I found a few pieces of bone, iron nails, ceramic and normandy stoneware.  We are back to logging artifacts this week in the lab, and we head back out to the dig site on friday to dig for another day. Hopefully it’s not to hot this time around, which will make for another uncomfortable day working but I do enjoy the digging all the same, getting the hang of things on my own pretty well. Hope friday is a more exciting day and the crew finds a few exciting things during the week.

Chelsea Morris; Week 3!

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Well Friday was sure a hot one! It was ridiculously hot actually.. 28.7 degrees celcius in town that day, but it sure seemed hotter than that at the dig site when you’re crouched over digging all day. There wasn’t a draft of wind, and the stouts were out swarming around us. But besides the horrible heat, it was a good day digging. When we went out this week we could really see a lot of the house opened up. The crew are moving swiftly to get the house done, and this week we got to dig in the entrance passage. We didn’t find a lot but it’s exciting to see how the house is coming along, knowing we are almost done. When we go out this week, they should be into the mapping stages; taking out rocks that may have fallen in over the years. Thats when the house really shapes up. It’ll be exciting to see on Friday :)