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Summer 2012: Week 5. Kellie Clark

August 10th, 2012

It’s the end of another week and a busy one. We normally go to the site on Fridays but because it’s so close to the crew leaving the site and heading back to Newfoundland there wasn’t much for us to do out there so we stayed in the lab and started to pack up the artifacts. Last friday we had a beautiful, extremely hot day out to the site. The house was coming along very well. Myself and Chelsea shared a unit again and it was much better then the week before. I found a some iron, bone, a piece of soapstone and a bead. At the end of the day the crew came into town for the weekend and myself and Chelsea prepared a bbq at Chelsea’s house for supper. There was so much food and it was all very good! I think everyone enjoyed their weekend into town and they headed back out on Sunday. Summer is soon coming to an end and as the crew leaves the site on Wednesday, August 15th, myself and Chelsea have some last minute things left to do in the lab.  Overall, it was a great summer and we worked with such an awesome crew. It’s sad to see it all come to an end once again, but maybe i’ll be back for another digging season next summer :)

Chelsea Morris- August 3rd; Pigeon Cove

August 7th, 2012

We are back from another successful week in the lab and a very enjoyable day out to the site on Friday, August 3rd. Myself and Kellie headed out to the dig site on Friday, after being up to our eyes in artifacts at the lab. This week we received a large variety of artifacts that were very interesting not only to us but also to the public. This week we had quite a few people coming into the lab to look at the artifacts that had been brought in. A lot of people were quite interested in the full soapstone oil lamp, or the miniature soapstone oil lamp or even a pendant. There has been a lot of interest in the artifacts this year, and we try to explain to everyone what we know about the site as best we can.
On Friday we headed out early in the morning for a beautiful day at the site. We got right to work at our own unit once we arrived. The weather was beautiful with the sun shining and a slight breeze coming off the water. By lunch time the wind had died down, and it was very hot. Lisa and the crew still haven’t found the entrance passage exactly and it is interesting for each new unit to be opened up, hoping to find it. Our unit was pretty mild. The ground was a lot better to deal with as well as the sod. We found a bit of bone, soapstone, and Kellie found a bead ! It was a good day. We finished up early that day because Lisa and the crew were coming into town for the weekend. Overall it was a great experience once again ! :)

Kellie Clark- Pigeon Cove, Summer 2012

August 2nd, 2012

It’s my second summer working with Lisa and her crew and so far it’s very enjoyable.  This year the site is out to Pigeon Cove where Lisa and her students are digging the one house. Myself and Chelsea have been out for one friday digging, the other fridays we were supposed to head out the weather did not cooperate with us.  Me and Chelsea shared a unit, in one area where Lisa thought might be the entrance passage because at that time they still never found it which was making them pretty frustrated. In this unit we found some bone, iron, ceramics, and flint. There are a lot of artifacts being found in this house, including a complete soapstone oil lamp which is very cool! Also lots of iron, ceramics, pipe stems and pieces of pipe bowls. We are busy working in the lab, washing and cataloguing all the artifacts that are being brought in. It it definitely keeping us busy. Overall it is a great summer, with a great crew to work with.

Summer 2012; Pigeon Cove!

July 25th, 2012

Chelsea Morris-

It’s a new summer,a nd a new digging season! There’s quite a big crew this year, with a great bunch of people for the digsite in Pigeon Cove. Myself and Kellie are back in the lab again this year and are very excited to see how the new location fo the digsite will turn out. It was slow the first week, coming in and setting everything up in the lab. On Wednesday July 11th we went to the digsite to take a look at what was going on because there were no artifacts sent in at that point, with the digsite just starting a few days before hand. Myself, Kellie and George went out and picked up a box of artifacts, and finally got to see what the site looked like. It was in a very interesting place but at that point there hadn’t been much uncovered. We came back in and on Thursday we took out the bone and iron and let them dry. Friday, the weather didnt allow us to go out to the digsite to dig so we stayed in town.

The next week we brushed and washed all fo the artifacts and cleaned them. We had everything done and ready to go for Friday and once again, the weather was too bad for us to go out.

This week we have been backed up with all of the artifacts from the previous week. George went out on Saturday to pick up Amanda and Mark, and brought in a bunch of water containers. On Monday, we received a phone call form the site saying that they needed the water and propane ASAP so we got ready and brought out the supplies. Today we picked up groceries for the site, and got back to our lab work. We are waiting for Lisa to arrive this afternoon, to send out some forms and just for her to take a look at what has been found. It’ll be interesting to see the digsite this Friday, hopefully if the weather lets up. The forcast is good for the week, so we should be back next week with an interesting report !

Brandon Morris

August 1st, 2011

This week was more of an exciting week for here at the lab and out at the site. A lot of artifacts were found and some very interesting ones at that. We were very busy getting all the artifacts catalogued before we headed out to the site. Once we went out to the site Chelsea, Kellie and I were set to dig up units right next to each other near the enterance passage of the house. Many pieces of bone, ceramic, iron, and even beads were found down near this area. By finding all of the different artifacts kept the day very interesting and kept our mind set on digging even though there were a lot of flies buzzing around. The house is almost fully dug up now and then the removal of the floor stones along with back filling is left to do. That is all for this week.

Vicky Allen – Finishing the house!

August 1st, 2011

This week we made some headway in finding the edges of the house. We have most of the corners found, but we’re still looking for some more. I found a key part of the wall this week. Phoebe found a nice niche and some floor, Lisa put me next to her and I found more of the sleeping platform and what looks to be one of the corners. We also had to take out more trees and add units, these are deep, the soil is denser and also they are filled with huge roots! Everytimg we take the sod off our unit, we do a survey of the roots and try to decide the best way to get them out. Pheobe had one of the biggest! I think the root was bigger than the tree trunk itself! For the most part of this week we were all in the west side of the house, trying to find the end – the walls, with Laura concentrating largely on the entrance passage, which is the at the north east side of the house. The crew and I came in this weekend, they left yesterday. They will be finishing the units, there are about 10 left to do, and maybe put a few more in. They’ll soon begin taking the collapsed rocks out of the house and Robyn will begin mapping the floor. It looked open when I left Friday, but I have a feeling it’s going to look even cooler when I get back (I forgot to mention that this is my fisrt dig!).

Some of the interesting and imfortant finds of the week were:

  • minature soapstone pot – Me
  • Gaffe, ulu, hook (same unit) – Pheobe
  • Endblade – Andrew

and more but they are escaping me right now. So we’ve got about ten days left, they’ll be hetic and stressful but they’ll pay off in the end! This week is supposed to be better for digging also, last week was extremely hot! We got off early one day so we could go into the ocean! So this week in the lab should be interesting, I knew Chelsea and Brandon before, they’re sure to keep me on my toes!

Kellie Clark

August 1st, 2011

On friday we went had another day out to the dig site. It was a very hot day, and the stouts were wild which made it very uncomfortable for working in, or which is what I thought. I had my own square to dig in this time around, and I found a few pieces of bone, iron nails, ceramic and normandy stoneware.  We are back to logging artifacts this week in the lab, and we head back out to the dig site on friday to dig for another day. Hopefully it’s not to hot this time around, which will make for another uncomfortable day working but I do enjoy the digging all the same, getting the hang of things on my own pretty well. Hope friday is a more exciting day and the crew finds a few exciting things during the week.

Chelsea Morris; Week 3!

August 1st, 2011

Well Friday was sure a hot one! It was ridiculously hot actually.. 28.7 degrees celcius in town that day, but it sure seemed hotter than that at the dig site when you’re crouched over digging all day. There wasn’t a draft of wind, and the stouts were out swarming around us. But besides the horrible heat, it was a good day digging. When we went out this week we could really see a lot of the house opened up. The crew are moving swiftly to get the house done, and this week we got to dig in the entrance passage. We didn’t find a lot but it’s exciting to see how the house is coming along, knowing we are almost done. When we go out this week, they should be into the mapping stages; taking out rocks that may have fallen in over the years. Thats when the house really shapes up. It’ll be exciting to see on Friday :)

Eliza’s week in town

July 31st, 2011

The past week at the site we finally uncovered the southeast corner of the house! At the bottom of level 1 Vicky exposed a large stone bench there, which was pretty cool. Saturday was community day and we had a great turn out from morning til afternoon. Phoebe fortuitously found an iron harpoon head just as Lisa was giving a group tour. Lots of other great artifacts were collected as well- a whalebone runner, some big pieces of ceramic, and engraved pipe stems. On Monday I came into town for my week working in the lab. I got some photos of a selection of our coolest artifacts which will be up on the CURA website soon. Mario Blaser and Derek Norman arrived in town on Tuesday and got some footage of the lab and then went out to the site where the crew dressed up in costume and they filmed around the excavation- the idea for the final scene sounds like it will be really interesting.

Friday morning us lab crew came back to dig for the day, as usual, but this time the whole group came back into town with Doris and Lew. We had a relaxing weekend in Cartwright and now are back out for our final week of digging! Most of the site is opened, although we had to put in a few new units to find all the edges of the house.

I had a great time staying with Brenda and her kiddies but I am definitely looking forward to sleeping back on the ground in my cozy tent!

Brandon Morris

July 25th, 2011

Last week we finished off the cataloguing the artifacts that were found out at the dig site in the lab. When Friday came we headed back out to the site so we can dig ourselves. I had a hard unit to dig in because there was a tree that was in the middle of it so there were many roots that took me a while to get out. There wasn’t much exciting in my unit, just a bit of bone and a couple of pieces of iron. On Saturday we went back out to the site again for community day. I was put on bbq duty and there was a nice few people that came out to see the site. Many were interested in what was going on at the site and seemed surprised in what was found at the site. That is all for this week and we’ll post again soon.