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Project Descriptions

Effectiveness of new learning technologies in providing education to rural and isolated communities (Effectiveness study)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Bruce Sheppard and Dr. Tim Seifert

Main Community Partners: Memorial University (MUN), Department of Education (DOE), School Districts, College of the North Atlantic (CNA), Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI).

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Innovative and Effective Practices in Online Learning (Classroom Study)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Elizabeth Murphy

Main Community Partners: CDLI, School Districts, MUN Faculty of Education.

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OPLC and teacher preparation (New teacher study)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. David Dibbon and Dr. Ken Stevens

Main Community Partners: Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association (NLTA), Virtual Teacher Centre, MUN Faculty of Education, School Districts.

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Perceptions of distance education in Newfoundland and Labrador over a ten year period (Historical study)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Trudi Johnson

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Participation of high school students in the isolated aboriginal communities of coastal Labrador in web-delivered learning (Aboriginal study)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Dennis Sharpe and Dr. Dave Philpott

Main Community Partners: Labrador School District, Labrador Inuit Association, CDLI.

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The impact of CDLI course participation on student transition into post-secondary education and/or the workforce (Transition study)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Dale Kirby and Dr. Dennis Sharpe

Main Community Partners: CNA, CDLI, MUN.

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District leadership for the new learning environment (Leadership study)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Jean Brown and Dr. Bruce Sheppard

Main Community Partners: School Districts, NLTA, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of School Councils (NLFSC), Newfoundland and Labrador School Board Association (NLSBA).

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Curricula shifts in a digital age (A philosophical inquiry)

Lead Researcher(s): Dr. Barrie Barrell and Ms. Mary Cameron

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