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Memorial University of Newfoundland


The systems development methodology is meant to provide a uniform approach to managing systems development while providing sufficient flexibility to choose the techniques and tools best suited for a specific task. It is to be used as a guideline to all of those involved in systems development, acquisition, implementation, and conversion.

Each model defines the deliverables that are to be produced during the process as well as the tasks to be performed and who is to perform them. It also defines what should be created and what tasks are likely to be executed to create the deliverable.

As these guidelines are utilized, it is hoped that the templates will be updated to reflect our unique needs and be made available on-line, with completed samples, for future reference.

This document has been created as the first step to ensuring that detailed guidelines are available to be referenced for a consistent approach within systems development. Further to this effort, a need has been identified to acquire/develop a project management methodology. This would be used in conjunction with this document to ensure that all aspects of a project from inception to completion will have a predefined guideline in place.

It is important to note that this is a developing methodology and it will be revised on an on-going basis. It is to act only as a guideline. Beyond this, the development teams are expected to tailor the deliverables and tasks to the specific project. Tasks may be consolidated to focus on producing the minimum set of deliverables for the project.

Computing and Communications would like to acknowledge the generosity of Princeton University in granting us permission to use their system development methodology as a model.