Research Data Backup User Documentation

Download and Installing the RDB Client

Access to a users home directory is provided by the RDB Client, a VB script utility that can be downloaded from the RDB home page (

RDB Client Download

RDB Login

It asks the user for a user name and password and then mounts the home directory as a share on the local computer.

RDB Client Login
 RDB Client  Connect
Users can then begin copying their data to the fileshare.

RDB\Labnet Webtools Login

LabNet offers users the opportunity to recover files from our on-line backups using an easy to use web interface. The users first log into the web tool using their user name and password. Login to the RDB\Labnet Webtools (

Retrieving Online Backups

Click the Retrieve Backup files link from the User Menu

Users are then presented with the following page that contains a list of backup dates that represent the backup dates for their home directory. Click the backup date you want to retrieve files from.

By clicking on the desired date (usually the most recent) the web tool presents the user with a graphical view of their home directory. The files are displayed.

The user can descend through the directory hierarchy until the desired file is reached and then, by clicking on the file, a dialog box is displayed that will allow the user to save the file to a desired location or input it directly into an application. Click the file you wish  to retrieve.  Select Save File from the window to save the file to your local disk.

Note: There is no easy way to restore a large number of files using this web tool. To restore a directory tree for a user it is necessary to contact the helpdesk and request this service.