Windows Mail

To set up your Windows Mail client to work with MUNmail, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Mail. The wizard pops up if it's your first time using it; otherwise, simply click Tools > Accounts > Add.
  2. Enter your name, then click Next.
  3. Enter your MUN Login ID followed by "" (e.g., and click Next.
  4. Choose IMAP input given servers, and check 'Outgoing server requires authentication'; click Next.
  5. Enter your MUN Login ID followed by "" (e.g. and password, and click Next.
  6. Click through (the checkbox is optional), then click Finish.
  7. Select Tools > Accounts > IMAP account, then select Properties > Advanced.
    - Enter port number '465' next to the 'Outgoing Mail (SMTP)' field and port number '993' next to the 'Incoming mail (IMAP)' field. Check both secure connection boxes, and click Apply
    - Click Close.

Congratulations! You're done configuring your client to send and retrieve MUNmail messages.

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