Alaska Native Knowledge Network. Code of conduct for research in Indigenous communities. (2001):

Arts for Moneys Sake: Protecting the Cultural Rights of Indigenous Arts:
Arts Law Center of Australia online; includes articles, sample contracts and legal information.

Report on Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights (1997):
Section 2.2.2 concerns music.

Aurora Research Institute. Doing research in the Northwest Territories: A guide for researchers (rev. ed). (2004). Inuvik.

Beijing Declaration of Indigenous Women (Beijing 1995):

Charter of the Indigenous Tribal People (Malaysia 1992):

Garma Statement on Indigenous Music and Dance. Drafted at a symposium at the Garma Festival in 2002:

Haudenosaunee Sacred Masks / Sacred Objects Policy. In the Spring 1985 issue of Akwesasne Notes. Available on-line at:

Indigenous Peoples Caucus of the Creative Right's Alliance:
Caldwell Taylor, Susan Crean and Greg Young-Ing have also produced a print document, Handbook on Creators' Rights, which provides a short history of copyright, a summary of the incompatability between traditional knowledge and copyright concepts, an introduction to international organizations that deal with Indigenous rights, information about the CRA, and useful links to international organizations.

Kari-Oca Declaration (1992) and Earth Charter:
Note the section on Culture, Science and Intellectual Property of the Earth Charter (articles 84-109).

Ahren, Mattias. <2007>. Legal Memorandum: regarding potential legal implications associated with the proposed activities to be carried out by the Joik project: Legal memorandum. The Joik project is a transnational archival initiative that seeks to create a digital catalogue and to facilitate audio access to collections of traditional Saami joik in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. See Indigenous archives.

Mataatua Declaration on Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights of Indigenous People: 

Mi'kmaq Ethics Watch (2000 with frequent updates):

Protocols for Native American Archival Materials (2006):
Also see short article by Karen Underhill in the International Journal of Cultural Property 13: 441-2.

Saami Artists Association:
General information on issues of contemporary Sami communities.