KCTOS: Knowledge, Creativity, and Transformation of Societies
Vienna, Austria Dec 6-9, 2007

The "Indigenous Peoples Knowledge Society: Transformations and Challenges" section invites papers on how Indigenous peoples are deploying new media and information communications technologies (ICTs) to forward their own policies and practices. Section leaders are Adam Fiser (University of Toronto; adam.fiser@gmail.com) and Philipp Budka (University of Vienna; ph.budka@philbu.net).


The Politics of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, May 4-7, 2006


The Traditional Knowledge Conference 2006, New Zealand


Music and Cultural Rights: Trends and Prospects
April 7-10, 2005, University of Pittsburgh

A conference organized by Andrew Weintraub and Bell Yung aimed to create alliances and partnerships among scholars, musicians, producers, policy makers, and cultural activists. Participants came from African American, Hispanic American, and Asian-Pacific-Islander American communities. Papers are currently being prepared for publication.


World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2003, UNESCO


Protecting Knowledge,
Vancouver, BC February 23-26, 2000
First Nations Longhouse, University of British Columbia

Site makes proceedings (both print and audio recordings) of this important conference available. Twenty one additional papers are available in hard copy in a volume issued under the conference title. Organized by the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs.


WIPO Roundtables on
Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge, WIPO
July 23-4, 1998, Geneva; November 1-2, 1999, Geneva


UNDP Consultation on Indigenous Peoples:
Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights


"Voices of the Earth: Indigenous Peoples,
New Partners, the Right to Self-Determination in Practice
Amsterdam, 1993.


Symposium on Intellectual Property Rights and Traditional Knowledge
St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB

Organized by the Creators' Rights Alliance and the Department of Native Studies.