Dane Wajich

The Doig River First Nation in British Columbia, Canada, created a website as a collaborative project involving, elders, youth, community leaders, ethnographers, linguists, and web-designers. Their website has extensive audio and video materials, as well as interviews and elders stories in the Dane-Zaa language, all transcribed and translated. They describe the documentation process:

"Over a one month period in the summer of 2005 our elders brought the documentary team to eight places in our territory. At these places we shared oral histories about the stories, songs, people and experiences that connect us to the land."

The project was supported by the Doig River First Nation, The North East Native Advancing Society (funding youth training), The North Peace School District #60, First Nations Education Program, and Volkswagen Foundation: Documentation of Endangered Languages Funding Initiative.


The National Recording Project for
Indigenous Performance in Australia

The project website describes its aims as follows: "to systematically record and document the unique and endangered performance traditions of Indigenous Australia." They hope to "assist in the development of Indigenous Knowledge Centres and similar indigenous archives as primary repositories of locally documented and recorded materials, and a secure national repository in which copies of all data generated can be archived." The project is driven by local elders and priorities. Charles Darwin University and the Northern Territory Library are the lead institutions.


Tipatshimuna: Innu Stories from the Land

The Innu Nation together with a local school and a number of museums have created a website that presents stories from the land, information about material culture, and biographical statements about individuals.


Haida. Spirits of the Sea

Focused primarily on Haida relationships with the ocean, there is much information here about art and ceremony, regalia, and carving. No audio.


Stories from Wolastoqiyik

Sections on stories, creative traditions, historical perceptions, and our people today tell the story of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) of New Brunswick. Audio clips are interview segments presenting elders and cultural leaders.


Joik. Vuolle. Luohti: The Joik Archive Project

The Saami Yoik Association in Norway, together with Ajtte Museum in Sweden and Siida Museum in Finland are "collaborating on a multiyear transnational project that aims "to improve the availability of the yoiks and to secure their preservation for the future." They are gathering joik recordings from archives all over the world and ensuring that copies are available in Sapmi.