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MUN Logos

Below are MUN logos in GIF format for use on MUN Pages. Please do not resize GIF format images - it leads to pixelation and unacceptable reproduction. If you need a specific size (in pixels) of the MUN logo, the CWIS Team can provide you with one. Please send e-mail requesting the specific size required.

Note: Use of the Memorial's logo is guided by the university's Visual Identity Policy. This policy specifies that you may not reproduce the logo in a size smaller than the smallest reproduction here. (The minimum size of the MUN logo is 2 inches.)

filename: munsmall.gif / munbottom.gif
size: 145 pixels x 38 pixels
notes: Use as the Back to Main MUN Page logo; Transparent GIF.

filename: mun200.gif
size: 200 pixels x 52 pixels

filename: mun250.gif
size: 250 pixels x 65 pixels

filename: mun300.gif
size: 300 pixels x 78 pixels

filename: mun350.gif
size: 350 pixels x 91 pixels

filename: mun400.gif
size: 400 pixels x 104 pixels

filename: mun500.gif
size: 500 pixels x 130 pixels

filename: mun590.gif
size: 590 pixels x 154 pixels
notes: maximum width for a 640x480 resolution screen

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